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Marvel Cooke was recommended to the WPCF oral history project by Kay Mills, author of A Place in the News: From the Women's Pages to the Front Page (Dodd, Mead, 1988).



:Put a bunh of photos in it. :Get a Locker miror :Get a Locker organizer :Get a Locker shelf :Put a dry erase board :Put magnets :Get boarder & put it along the locker sides :Put a buletin Board :Put a class shedule :Put colored or wapping paper on the sides 2 cover it :Put a posted note holder :Put an agenda Most of the stuff u can buy @ supply stores


If it is still in warranty contact HP; if it is not; when you say dock properly are you referring to the position they assume after loading; or the fact that they don't fit in the holders properly? If they don't fit, check to see if you have the 22 in the left channel and the 27/56/58 in the right channel. If they don't set up correctly after loading; 1. the little rubber bumps on the carriage ribbon can allow a print head to slip but it does not happen often and when that happens the whole printer carriage must be removed and realigned. (truly a factory job). The only other thing that can fail in setting up is the ratchet mechanism that aligns the print heads and moves them up and away when the cover is opened.( another factory job). Since it is a less than 100. printer it is better to just junk it than fix it if it is out of warranty.

Because the gun holder can shoot higher or lower than what the bulletproof vest can cover?

Depending on your rules, you might not have to design any sort of device to "contain" the egg. Rather, you could build something that was already on the ground to absorb the impact; like Jello. I might choose some sort of netting, or a series of really thin sheets of paper spaced some distance apart, where each piece breaks away while at the same time slowing the egg eventually until it stops. Another idea. Wrap the egg in plastic. Then go to the hardware store and purchase a couple of cans of that expanding foam stuff. spray some of that stuff in a plastic bag until there is several inches of it. Let it harden. Then place the egg on top of it, in the center. Then spray several more inches of that junk on top. The egg will be rigidly held in place by the foam, and the foam should absorb the impact. The only problem is you have to carefully dig the egg out to prove that it didn t break. Another idea. If you can t use a parachute, see if you can attach a propeller to the top. It will create some drag as it falls thereby decreasing the impact. Another idea. Try using a non-Newtonian fluid like cornstarch and water, with the egg at the center. This is some neat stuff, because the mixture act s like a liquid until it is exposed to sudden shock. When it encounters this shock, if becomes very firm. It would provide some very unique shock absorption. Scientists are testing derivatives of this technology for use in flexible body armor. Really neat stuff. Read more about it here. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Non-Newtonian_fluid

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Marvel Cooke was recommended to the WPCF oral history project by Kay Mills, author of A Place in the News: From the Women''s Pages to the Front Page (Dodd, Mead, 1988).