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Admissions & Financial Aid. Going to college is a big step– Clark State staff and faculty are always here to help. Whether you are just starting college, coming.

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Admissions & Financial Aid. Going to college is a big step– Clark State staff and faculty are always here to help. Whether you are just starting college, coming.

right this is the question for the chemical x42 calculate the of pounds of fabric offered, the traditional value according to pound of fabric, and the completed popular cloth value. the traditional reported as for a million pound and familiar value $0.40 according to pound much less. cloth value variance-eighty 4,000 F cloth utilization variance eighty,000 U; finished cloth variance-4,000 F; product requiring this chemical 2 hundred,000


1) Accrual accounting records financial events based on economic activity rather than financial activity. Under accrual accounting, revenue is recorded when it is earned and realized, regardless of when actual payment is received. Using cash-basis accounting, income and expenses are recognized only when cash is received or paid out. Using accrual-basis accounting, receivables and payables are recognized when a sale is agreed to, even though no cash has been received or paid out as yet. Cash-basis accounting is more conservative for the seller in that it does not record revenue until cash receipt. In a growing company, this results in a lower income compared to accrual-basis accounting. 2) * Persuasive evidence of an arrangement exists; *Delivery has occurred or services have been rendered; *The seller s price to the buyer is fixed or determinable; and *Collectability is reasonably assured

1. A plant asset record provides detailed information about an individual plant asset. True. 2. For accounting purposes, the cost of land is not depreciated because it is assumed that land has an unlimited useful life. True. 3. The normal balance of Accumulated Depreciation-Computer Equipment is a debit. False. [It has a normal credit balance.] 4. Depreciation Expense is classified as an expense account, has a normal credit balance, and is reported on the income statement. False. [It has a normal debit balance, like all other expense accounts.] 5. The cost of a plant asset is the price paid for the asset when it is purchased, plus any installation and delivery charges. True. 6. The book value of a plant asset is determined by adding the accumulated depreciation to date and the estimated disposal value. False. [ Book value = Cost - Accumulated Depreciation ] 7. Accumulated Depreciation-Store Equipment is a contra plant asset account and is reported on the income statement. False. [ Accumulated Depreciation is reported on the balance sheet.] 8. A company usually tries to replace, sell, or discard a plant asset while the asset still has some monetary value. True. 9. The straight-line method of depreciation allocates the same amount of depreciation expense each year over the estimated useful life of the asset. True. 10. The disposal value of a plant asset is that part of an asset s cost that the business expects to get back at the end of the asset s estimated useful life. True. 11. The depreciation for plant assets is calculated and entered as an adjustment on the work sheet. True. [Although the calculation is not done on the worksheet.] 12. The estimated disposal value of plant assets is reported on the balance sheet. False. [It might be disclosed in the notes to the financial statements.] 13. At the end of an accounting period, after closing entries have been journalized and posted, the accumulated depreciation accounts will have zero balances. False.

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