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go to SBA.gov. Its the website for the US Small Business Administration. On that site they have a good business plan template. If you re a US citizen, you may even get a SMA loan. Investors look at a business plan to see if you have an understanding of the business/industry you are getting into. For forecasting, business plans are a good business exercise, but 99% of the time how a business actually develops seldom matches the original business plan. What is more important is your resume. Do you have experience in the business you are starting? Do you have a network of successful people in this business? If this is brand new business which you have no experience or resources you can reach out to for assistance or mentoring, no one will risk their $1,500. Investors will want to own a percentage of your business, and execute on their exit plan ASAP. Usually within 3 years. The idea that you should not start a business if you don t have $1,500 is a very ignorant, risk adverse thing to say. I promise you 100% that John D who replied to you before is not an entrepreneur. I own two businesses and I m a MBA. If you think you have a good idea, self finance it. Do odd jobs and save your money. Why give away equity in your business for a mere $1,500. Hope this helps.


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Website Templates DreamTemplate offers one of the world''s largest premium website template collections. If you''re looking for premium, high quality website templates.

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