Тема: First aid at white water?

The First Aid Centre provides First Aid Training and reaccreditation in Tasmania. Provide First Aid (HLTAID003) Workplace Level 2 First Aid Training (once called.


I really have no clue on that one, but I can help you find some ways to find where you can. search on google or yahoo "Cairo Egypt First Aid course" do not remove the ("") it should give you direct searches with those same words in that same order. I know here in the U.S. you can go up to the hospitals and go to the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to help you find what you need. Alot in the U.S. offer First Responder training. but of course this is all in the U.S. I don t know what the EMS system and medical system and all that jazz is set up. lol Good luck

If they are cold, get them a blanket or something to keep them warm if you can. If they are bleeding profusely, apply a tourniquet if needed and direct pressure. Do not give fluids, do not move them (if they ve been in any sort of traumatic accident)***, do not do anything else. Just stay with them and talk to them. Try to talk them out of going to sleep. Be ready to continue with CPR if they need it again. You can also elevate the person s legs so that the blood they have will be more concentrated on the vital organs. Just put a pillow or two, or something of similar height, below the feet and lower legs. ***It s OK to move them to remove them from a burning car, or to get them on a firm surface where you can perform CPR properly. Other than that, you should avoid moving them because they may have internal injuries that could be made worse by moving them.

Oh okay. Can see that connection. : ) Saw First Aid Kit earlier from yesterday. Sounding good as ever.

Should watch "First Aid Kit" who were on yesterday, they were great!

First Aid courses are open to ANYONE. Usually you have to be over the age of 16, but that varies by country. You are at 18 an adult and able to do any training you desire. Most people, unfortunately, do First Aid training because their employer requires it, but that is not a prerequisite for enrolling in a first aid course. Get in contact with Red Cross in Ireland, they will be able to help you find a course that is being held near where you live. http://www.redcross.ie/services_in_ireland/first_aid_training Congratulations for wanting to do First Aid training because you want to be of assistance in an emergency and not because your employer requires it. Far too many people die because there are usually plenty of by-standers, but nobody who has had training in First Aid to keep them alive until the ambulance arrives. Go get trained and save a life. It might be sooner than you think. I ve been trained in First Aid for 4 years now and by year 2 I was able to assist in road accident that happened right in front of me as I was driving along. That alone was worth the money and time spent in getting trained in First Aid. Hope this helps.

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