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Rudolf Bultmann -- who died on July 30, 1976 at the advanced age of 91--was the last of the theological giants who grew up in the universities of the Kaiser’s.

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We shall not worship the structures of our faith over its spirit.” - Ashley Horan / Berry Street Essay Panelist AMEN!

Perhaps the passage where the Bible actually defines faith, at Hebrews 11:1-"Faith is the assured expectation of things hoped for, the evident demonstration of realities though not beheld." And Matthew 17:20- "I tell you the truth, if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, Move from here to there and it will move. Nothing will be impossible for you." I think those are both good ones. =)

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What is faith? This entry focusses on the nature of faith, although issues about the justifiability of faith are also implicated.

There is no single ‘established’ terminology for different models of faith. A brief initial characterisation of the principal models of faith and their nomenclature as they feature in this discussion may nevertheless be helpful they are:

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Rudolf Bultmann -- who died on July 30, 1976 at the advanced age of 91--was the last of the theological giants who grew up in the universities of the Kaiser’s.

Walt Disney on Faith, Church, Bible Study, Prayer & God. In these days of world tensions, when the faith of men is being tested as never before, I am personally.

What a beautiful and honest essay. It"s something that most of us can relate to, no matter our faith, beliefs, culture, or religion.

In the spirit of good faith, I committed to responding to this one guy"s really bad 3, 000 word essay last week. Still need to do it lol

Um, if we find Christ imagery, im using Adventure time for my free-response essay VIC


On the whole, it has some very good points, especially the one about Mithra. And to anyone who cannot read it, you re supposed to click on it to enlarge it.


I will download it and if your question is still open tomorrow I will try to remember to leave a comment. Here is a part of mine. I use it in my profile, but the entire thing is too long for what room Yahoo allows for a profile. Some people claim all faith is blind, but my faith is a carefully considered, carefully reasoned and very reasonable, rational and defensible faith. Were atheist Stephen Roberts (1901-1971) standing in front of me this moment, I would say back to him, “I contend that we are both men of faith. I just have faith in one more thing than you do, and for very good reason. When you fully understand why I disdain all the devisers of superstitions and dismiss the gods of vain imaginings, you will understand why I believe in my God, and you will believe also." -- B. Knott Wildered (Not my real name, but the quote is mine.)