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Karl F. Landegger was truly a global pulp & paper industry leader. He was born in Vienna, Austria in January 1905. His early career was in Austria, where he was president and owner of Welser Paper Factory from 1930-1939. He then moved to England where he was president of Abergavenny Paper Mill in 1939-1940. He obtained control of Parsons & Whittemore, Inc. in New York in the early 1940s and subsequently obtained control of Lyddon & Co. Ltd. in the early 1950s. He developed the Parsons & Whittemore – Lyddon organization into one of world-wide stature.

In order to supply a major part of the machinery for these plants, he obtained control of Black Clawson in 1951 and built it into one of the world’s leading pulp and paper machinery companies. Many new products were introduced including the invention of the twin wire paper machine, the first paper machine over 300 inches in width, pressure screening, the Pandia digester for quick continuous digestion of non-wood fibers, and major improvements in waste paper recycling machinery.

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George W Bush and by extension the Republican Party was not fiscally conservative. The federal budget increased by over 100% during Bush s eight years in office,and discretionary or nonessential federal spending rose 96% between 2002 and 2009. Programs like No Child Left Behind,the 2002 farm bill,the 2003 Medicare prescription drug benefit and the 2005 highway bill all added significantly to federal spending,and all were funded with borrowed money. These expenditures all came on line when Congress was controlled by the GOP. We ran deficits each year of his terms in office.

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Sure of lit crit or sure of 1984 and Animal Farm? Lit crit looks at a story an analyses the symbols used and their meaning, the themes dealt with and what the author meant by them. Animal Farm is a satire on the development of the Soviet Union from a workers state following overthrow of the Czar (farmer and his family) to a dictatorship under the pigs. There s been lots of lit crit on both books, some of it very unfavorable by Marxists who found their ox being gored. Go to wikipedia and enter Orwell s name and the names of the books into the search box (one at a time!). The bibliography at the end of the articles will give you some additional leads if the articles themselves aren t enough. Sometimes lit crit gets rather silly, as in long articles studying why Orwell chose the year 1984.