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Coming to in a nightclub or pub in Belfast near you soon watch out darko is gonna be out and out of control just add alcohol n cigs x

The car is official official now. Got the notice from my lender and everything. Time to look at personalising it a little more

Happy to be back in my little garden in ! Amazing what a bit of TLC, water a lot of can do.


Pleasure seeing , who I desperately want to have a podcast with 5 hour long rambling episodes.

I brought this Twitter back because I"m trying to be a single mother and I heard this the place where y"all hang out

You"re a powerhouse if someone isn"t up to par, you"ll call "em out. No question, your tweets are in tune w/ Grimlock.

Don"t knock it till you"ve tried it! My Sis takes it to a whole new level has ketchup cold pea butties!!


PowerPoint enables you to turn your mouse pointer into a virtual “pen” to highlight and circle your key points. This tutorial will tell you how to use mouse.


Earlier today I sat in a tide pool there were little fishes swimming next to me I was calm happy to be there surrounded by the ocean


Time to change channels. SS4 is depressing. Phumlani is having a blast. Nxxxxx


At the gym trying to be like Dwigt Schrute before a sales pitch.