Тема: Need help on an AP english essay!!!!?

Learning how to choose good hooks when writing a persuasive essay for college.


"violation ratio"? humorous.. abnormal. {unfavourable ignorant me, i think. in the beginning i presumed BA meant Bachelor of Arts, and the question just about made sense - just about constantly monogamous; yet.. then, no, and ultimate solutions. yet i did no longer recognize yuo could desire to get a violation score. consistent with hazard i m no longer attempting complicated sufficient.}

I think that choosing an adjective would be interesting, because in every scenario, an adjective is relative. Soft? Superfluous? Compared to what?! If it isn t too late-- I think that possible fun word choices would be: >sexy >skinny >babyish >dark >ambiguous

Humility well defined. This is a wonderful definition of Humility, and a much needed reminder of this virtue's importance in a world that has lost the.