Тема: How many pages long does a dissertation have to be in order to get a doctorate degree at most schools?

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⏰Are you a student who works a full time job? Don''t have the time to write your thesis or dissertation? Try an online dissertation writing service.

First of all the dissertation should be factual above all, this means that the facts should tell the story. Facts are biased because they can lead the reader to be sympathetic to one side or the other, if you suppress facts in order to be, what you might think is fair to one side, then that is completely wrong. So your doing a journalism degree, so maybe your dissertation could be on how newspapers and tv news channels actually distorted or just plainly didn t report facts in order to remain what they thought was "fair and balanced" rather than truthful. You could take the reporting of a couple of newspapers or channels over a certain period, say during a war and analysis it.

You might consider Dr. Alfred Adler and some of his ideas that have not been as highly researched as others. For example, inferiority/superiority, sibling position, and Early Recollections have all been done over and over. However, other topics are waiting to be explored. Check out my web site as a beginning: http://www.lifecourseinstitute.com Click on CONCEPTS for about 50 of his major ideas, and his name for a bio. You may want to look also at LEAP, in which I outline ten patterns we create as children to manage our lives. Any one of those ought to give you some ideas. The reasons I focus on Adler are (1) I am an Adlerian psychologist, and (2) Adler s ideas and influence are now being recognized as central to the creation of psychological theory and psycho-therapeutic practice for the past 100+ years. Pioneered group, family, marital therapies. Was friends with and teacher of Abraham Maslow and Carl Rogers among others. Was the main influence on neo-Freudians (Melanie Klein, Karen Horney, Harry Stack Sullivan, Eric Erickson, others). Now that I think of it, you might want to build your dissertation around the LEAP patterns themselves. Just an Idea.

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