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It"s a unionist paper.

I"m always the writer, spilling words for others - till you came along. You write me so beautifully, I want to be paper.

Lie. Put down on paper the most interesting lies you can imagine... then make them plausible. - Chris Bohjalian

awww...I definatly think this would be a regetted tat! The MFP part.wow! I can definatly tell your only 18, I wanted o get all kinds of weird tats when I was that age 7 years ago. Either wait or come up with something not soooo IDK.It sound to me your almost saying.."I m a thug.I want to be trendy." Imagine how you ll feel about it when your 40, let alone 25!

1) Miami Beach - paper bag - USSR 2) Diamond ring - love 3) Silly girl - thick 4) Working girl - England - USA 5) Won - lost - crossed - million 6) Nowhere - Nowhere - nowhere plans

Lyrics to 'Across The Universe' by Beatles: Jai Guru Deva, / Jai Guru Deva

Paul summed it up "and, in the end, the love you take, is equal to the love you make"