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Not thought out just rushed through for what, an ego or 2, republicans don"t have the intellect to write a real HCB that would benefit us all

U2ers: to anyone meeting The Edge this summer ( or ever ) , help me out, ask him to write "3:33" down to me. I"ll thank you till the day I die.

The following is a transcript of a teaching experiment, using the Socratic method, with a regular third grade class in a suburban elementary school.

Can you write your future tweets in English please, can"t work out what this says

twenty, because most teachers will not like 20. it looks more proper for english:)

CNN ur hate is out of control!Whats next him touching wet paint?going in the out door?Lol!U dont hire underage kids 2 write this stuff do u?

Can I write 2000 words on a normal Saturday? Wanna find out?

You can collect addresses of so many coin collectors through google and contact them to find out the rate.

This fic I"m reading makes me want to write Mycroft/Sherlock/Lady Smallwood out of sheer spite.

I always check U out before flying down there to write. Thanks!


I still can"t believe you write out all of these lmfao


It really depends on the subject you are writing for if its for maths or statistics or something science based using the figures would be fine if its for social science or humanities write out all the figures as words. The main thing though is to be consistent don t swap between the two if its 75% write seventy five percent and so on..