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Filing for divorce in Louisiana can be simple or complicated, depending on whether you know the whereabouts of your spouse. If you don't, you'll have to take extra steps. Otherwise, the procedure is relatively straightforward.

Gather proof that you've met Louisiana's residency requirements for divorce. You must live in the state on the date you file and have lived there for the year leading up to that date. Louisiana is a pure no-fault state. It doesn't recognize any fault grounds at all, so your spouse can't contest your divorce on the basis of the grounds you use. However, he can allege that you haven't met the residency requirement to file so you might need proof, especially if you recently moved into the state.

You can conduct your own divorce in the state of Texas. Read more here;


Ok if there is no children or real estate property, retirement accounts, or anything else of significant value. If you have kids or property, then get an attorney to protect your assets.

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How to File Your Own Divorce in Florida. In Florida, divorce is technically called "dissolution of marriage," and Florida residents have 2 options: either filing for.

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Write a letter/ email telling someone how much they mean to you. Pay that woman going thru a divorce a compliment on her well behaved kids.


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